Monday, November 9, 2009

A Couple Issues Jailbreaking iPhone OS 3.1.2

I ran in to three issues jailbreaking iPhone 3GS OS 3.1.2 with PwnageTool 3.1.4:

1) Error 1064 when iTunes tried to deploy a custom image
2) No cellular signal after jailbreak
3) Cydia immediately crashing when you try to open it


The 1064 error was solved simply by pwning the phone again. The hardest part was getting the phone out of DFU mode. A couple of the published "hold home and power for 8 seconds, then hold home and power for 8 seconds, then again, but keep holding the home button for 20 seconds" methods didn't work. iRecovery worked perfectly first try. After downloading and extracting it run:

./iRecovery -s
#after the prompt appears enter:

setenv auto-boot true

Note: In Windows XP this needs to be run in compatibility mode and as administrator...

Then just run the PwnageTool again and tell it the phone hasn't been pwned. This only happened to one of the phones I was messing with, so it could have been a user error.


This is just because I told PwnageTool to activate the phone even though I had a legite cell plan... Disabling the activation feature made everything work fine again.


I traced this issue back to using expert mode of PwnageTool and telling it to install all of the outdated pre-downloaded packages that come with PwnageTool. The fix is to either just not preinstall any packages, or to update the packages before they are installed.

The reason that simply hitting the refresh button under Cydia Settings->Download Packages doesn't work is because it is using a different repository than Cydia ends up using on the iPhone. So you have to go to "Manage sources" and remove the existing "" repository (click it and hit delete), then add "". Now go back to "Download packages", select the 3.7 repository, sort by Status, highlight all of the packages that have a new version available (shift+click), and click add to queue and wait for them to download. Now you can add all the packages you want via "Select packages" and create an image that won't cause Cydia to immediately crash.


Another tidbit: iTunes asked me if I wanted to update my carrier settings. I was a bit skeptical after having just jailbroken the phone, but all it does is update some APN information and such, not the baseband or firmware or anything. So it is fine to say yes to AFAIK.

Also, I did notice the lowered WiFi signal after installing blackra1n, but a network settings reset seemed to fix it.

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