Monday, February 9, 2009

WTF Nokia? N810 and E71 Won't Charge from USB?

This is completely retarded. It almost makes them unusable. Even worse, the frakin charger is is 5v... I'm half tempted to tear the devices open and put a trace wire from the usb connector to the charger connector so it will automatically charge. I like being able to use my laptop as a backup battery for my other devices. I like being able to use one cord to charge any device. I like being able to carry a small generic cord that I can plug in to the front of any computer rather than a large charger that I have to dig under the desk to plug in...

It doesn't matter how awesome your device is, but you can really piss people off if you do something stupid like this. On that note, why the hell doesn't the iPhone support A2DP (or HID, or USB Mass Storage, or SD...)?


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